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Samsung's "Growing Up" Ad: A Witty Roast Showcasing Samsung's Superiority Over iPhones

A Samsung phone with the text "Guess What I Just Got!" text on the screen

In the world of advertising, rivalries between brands are nothing new. Companies often engage in playful banter, aiming to prove their superiority over their competitors. When it comes to the tech industry, few rivalries have been as iconic as the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung. Known for their legal disputes and humorous jabs at each other, these two tech giants have taken their rivalry to the next level once again. Samsung's latest ad campaign, titled "Growing Up," is a playful yet insightful commercial that highlights the shortcomings of iPhones while showcasing the superior features of Samsung phones. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at this ad and explore how Samsung effectively positions its Galaxy devices as the ultimate choice for consumers.

Analyzing the "Growing Up" Ad:

The "Growing Up" ad takes viewers on a nostalgic journey, starting from the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 and concluding with the main character's decision to switch to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The ad cleverly showcases various iPhone fails and limitations along the way, while presenting Samsung as the solution to these frustrations.

From running out of storage space on an iPhone to dealing with a lack of water resistance, the ad amusingly highlights the advantages of Samsung devices. It showcases the Galaxy Note 3 with its larger and brighter display compared to the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S7's water resistance, and the convenience of wireless charging on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with an infinity display.

The turning point in the ad occurs when the protagonist finally decides to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, utilizing the S Pen to announce his new device to a friend. The commercial ends with a humorous nod to the notorious iPhone X notch, encouraging viewers to "upgrade to Galaxy" alongside the Samsung logo.

Opinion: A Brilliant Ad Campaign

Samsung's "Growing Up" ad campaign proves to be a brilliant move that effectively highlights the advantages of Samsung phones over iPhones. The commercial employs humor and relatable situations to engage viewers, making them reflect on their own iPhone experiences while offering an alternative solution.

By cleverly showcasing the evolution of Samsung's devices and addressing common pain points faced by iPhone users, the ad successfully positions Samsung as a superior choice. It emphasizes the innovative features, such as larger displays, water resistance, wireless charging, and the practicality of the S Pen, which sets Samsung apart from its competition.

Moreover, the ad taps into the emotional aspect of consumer experiences, reminding viewers of the frustration they may have encountered with their iPhones over the years. This relatability strengthens the connection between the audience and the Samsung brand, making the switch to Galaxy devices a compelling option.


Samsung's "Growing Up" ad campaign stands out as a brilliant marketing move that showcases the company's superiority over iPhones in a witty and relatable manner. By humorously highlighting the shortcomings of iPhones and presenting Samsung's innovative features as the solution, the commercial effectively captures viewers' attention and drives home the message of "upgrading to Galaxy."

With its clever storytelling, engaging humor, and insightful positioning, Samsung successfully delivers a persuasive message to consumers. As a result, the "Growing Up" ad campaign has the potential to resonate with viewers and drive interest in Samsung's impressive lineup of Galaxy devices.

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